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UV LED 365 nm. 3W.

UV LED -02
UV LED 365 nm. 3W. flashlight parameter
- Wavelength = 365 nm.
- Effective illumination distance 10 – 20 m.
- Battery 1*18650 battery 3.7V 3000-3800 mA. (new with full of
- Charge method – the battery charge by outside.
- Circuit – import IC, constant current circuit.
- Glass – high quality quartz glass.
- Material – the outer casing is high level aviation aluminum alloy
(accurate CNC lath machining) + surface hard oxygen.
- Light Cup – the light cup is made of high quality vacuum coating
aluminum alloy.
UV LED 365 nm. 3W. flashlight advantages
- The light source use UV 365 nm. wave length. The UV 365 nm.
per unit area intensity is far more than the traditional of black light
and ultraviolet light.
- You able to turn On-Off immediately.
- Long life span is more than 10,000 hr. It is far more than the
traditional flash light and UV light.
- It is easy to carry. The light cup is made of high quality vacuum
coating aluminum alloy with particularly durable, which is widely
used in laboratory, factory and other open filed environmental area.
- It is satisfied with national penetration testing standards JB4730.5-
- Power offered by a 18650 battery, you able to use continues 3-5
hrs.for one charging power.
UV LED 365 nm. 3W. flashlight application.
- Penetration testing, fluorescence detection.
- The biological polymerization, fluorescence observation.
- Air conditioning refrigerant leak detection.
- Engine lubricant leakage detection.
- Criminal investigation, fingerprints, blood stains observed.
- Ore fluorescence observation.
- Oil cleaning detection.
- Fluorescence detection, Iron and steel, non-ferrous metals,
automobiles, aircraft, fluorescence magnetic particle inspection.
- Pollution check – motherboards, dust check, LCD panels,
cleanroom entrants check.
- Leak check – hydraulic machines, exhaust pipes and other oil spill
detection using fluorescent agent leaking check.
- The Degreasing confirm – cleaning of the food industry, kitchen,
cookware, cutlery confirmation.
- Please don’t make the head separate from the body. When put
battery into the flashlight, from the bottom of the flashlight.
- When the battery only have about 20% energy, please recharge
the battery to reduce damage of battery.
- Please ensure that the battery polarity is correct.
- If you do not use it for a long time, please take the battery out.
- When the battery have fully charge, please take down charger
from the socket.
- Please do not press the button on the bottom continuously.

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