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Rust preventive (Water Soluble)

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    Lube-Kote® A122 is a liquid rust preventative which mixed with water, readily forms an effective rust preventative for iron and steel part, fabrications that are packaged and s...

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    น้ำมันป้องกันสนิมแบบผสมน้ำ ชนิดน้ำนม ฟิล์มน้ำมัน

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    Lube-Kote A900 is a special formulated, water dilutable, rust preventive concentrate. It is readily emulsifiable and forms stable rust preventive emulsions. It is based on a ...

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    Lube-Kote® W1000D is a specially formulated, water based rust preventative. Lube-Kote® W1000D is supplied as a read formed emulsion. The emulsion is provided for giving optimum...
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